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Irene Eijs to start as Director Data Strategy & Analytics at MPG

Amstelveen, 16 December 2021 – With Irene Eijs’ cross-agency role at MPG, agency network MMMatter is focusing on content that really makes a difference on the basis of the right consumer insights. With her decades of experience in media effects research at organizations including Mindshare, she will be responsible for research, data strategy, and analytics at MPG as well as at the sister agencies of MMMatter. Irene and her team will help brands to understand and improve the ROI on content.

Dolly van den Akker, CEO of MPG & MMMatter, says, ‘At MMMatter and MPG, we are convinced that content makes a difference when it really contributes to the daily lives of consumers or helps to address the problems they want to solve. In order to develop the right content, we specifically focus on consumer and shopper insights as well as analyse data in order to fine-tune our approach on a daily basis and keep innovating. With Irene’s arrival and her experience in this area, we as a group are taking a huge step towards providing even better support our clients and thus contributing to the ROI on content.’

Irene Eijs adds, ‘I have seen many effect measurements and therefore believe very strongly in the added value of creation that really has an effect on the target group. What attracted me to MPG, and the other agencies of MMMatter, is that these organizations do not simply produce content. Every strategy starts with real insights into the target group and the brand’s most promising proposition. With my experience and knowledge, I look forward to contribute to the substantiation of these content strategies and concepts. Additionally, I will help brands to use data to provide insight into the ROI of their content, based on their marketing KPIs. At MPG and MMMatter, we will establish concrete propositions for this to optimize the ever-increasing amount of digital and social media content of our clients. The great thing is that my colleagues here actually create content, meaning that my input can help in making adjustments and improvements at the source.