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Amstelveen, September 14th, 2021 – The network of creative and strategic content-driven marketing agencies MPG.Group has now become MMMatter. This marks the next step taken by the group towards realizing its ambition of making brands future-proof in a world undergoing significant changes. Consumers today expect more and more from brands and MMMatter is continually engaged in challenging them to increase their impact on both consumers and society. The three pillars of MMMatter are Measure, Make, and Matter, in which data and insights serve as the starting point for creativity and content that delivers long-term value and short-term impact. MMMatter will continue to expand its network with new agencies in the future. The network is currently composed of MPG Nederland, MPG.Concepts in New York, SOCIAL.INC, The Social Club, and Belgium-based Gicom.  

Dolly van den Akker, CEO of MMMatter, explains: “The world of today is not the same as that of yesterday. In order to matter tomorrow, it is imperative for brands to raise the bar every single day. Both in terms of operating results and their impact on society. Consumers expect this from them. With MMMatter, we are convinced that strategic and creative content, with data as an enabler, is the key to a consistent brand experience and the successful future of a brand. MMMatter is a network of fully specialized communication and content agencies, in which brands are provided with a full range of services by fully integrated teams. Our buy & build strategy is dedicated to offering our clients every facet of content marketing in the best possible way. From data and insights to creativity to content creation and distribution. This enables us to approach the future with the greatest confidence – in which we too will be raising the bar for ourselves every day.” 

According to David Barens, CMO of MMMatter: “With regard to communication, brands can make the difference by being spot-on in all aspects of the brand experience. Each and every day. This starts with ‘Measure’, in which we collect data and intelligence and apply this to gain a clearer understanding of the challenges facing both consumers and brands. This often leads to surprising insights which, in turn, lead to a new starting point for creation and content development. As a result, we are able to link substantial creativity to production power across all channels in the ‘Make’ phase. This means that every moment of contact with a brand has genuine impact and is consistent. When brands are structurally successful in this regard, they start to matter more and more. Hence, the third phase: ‘Matter’. This is how we, as a network, are organized and help our clients on their way to the future, one step at a time.”