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When it comes to communication, it isn’t about changing reality. It’s about seeing reality from new perspectives. Let’s look at some major examples. Architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller said, “I am a passenger on the spaceship Earth.” Nothing new about that, but it’s simply viewed from a whole new perspective. The Earth rotates on its axis, revolving at immense speed around the sun and in relation to other galaxies. And we’re down here on it. Yet, if you imagine we’re up there on a spaceship instead of this planet, then the rest of the universe is moving around the ship. So, we should be taking better care of it! Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels late turned that into: “We are all astronauts of spaceship Earth”. This perspective adds something else. We are the astronauts, so we are in control. Everyone shares responsibility for the well-being of our spaceship. Merely changing “passenger” to “astronaut” makes a big difference. 

Staying in space for a moment, something special happens when astronauts see the Earth in its entirety for the first time: a phenomenon we call the overview effect. Looking at the Earth from this perspective gives you a completely different view and feeling. On their way to the moon, the very first astronauts said, “We came to explore the moon and what we discovered was the Earth.” Every astronaut – practically without exception – who has experienced this overview effect has gone on to commit to protecting the Earth upon their return. Or rather, that fragile blue sphere, as it had become from that other perspective.

The magic happens where strategy meets creation. Finding the right insights and perspectives. Not constructing a new reality, but discovering motivations, needs, emotions, and sore spots that lie just below the surface. Things that have been around for a long time, but have become a little clogged up. You know a story has really hit home when the other person thinks, “Wow… I thought I was the only one who felt like that.”

For years, bed and mattress manufacturers thought it was only about getting a good night’s sleep. Which bed, which brand, is the best? But Auping’s campaign uses a different insight, from a different perspective. A bed is much more than for sleeping. It’s a place you run to when you’re sad after a fight with your partner. The place where your kids bring their first breakfast they made on Mother’s Day. The place where they come in the middle of the night after they’ve had a bad dream. Essentially, a place of love. 

At MMMmatter, that’s what our work is about, day in, day out. Gathering the right data to get the right insights. Insights and perspectives that we turn into content. Content that touches people. Content that has impact. 

Jeroen Dontje
Creative Director, MMMmatter